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Changing these 3 messy habits can improve your day dramatically!

Sometimes following old habits just seem to make things easier by avoiding change. But what if you created a new habit today that creates not only positive change in your day to day agenda but also in your life around you?

These are 3 tips that can smooth out the rough edges and bring a little more peace to your overall everyday routine.

  1. Take 10 minutes every night before jumping in bed, to think and write down whatever you need to accomplish the next day. Such as kids permission slips, lunch money, get gas, pay a bill, schedule a doctor’s appointment, call a client...etc. Writing it down gives you a smoother day and a leftover list to start from if you couldn’t complete them all. Small goals achieved will help you feel like your accomplishing the things that weigh on you.

  2. Plan your lunches. When you grocery shop with a healthy and smooth lunch break in mind, your limited time can become more free time. No need to make a last minute trip to fast food and feel the guilt later. Healthier eating will improve the way you feel, function, and focus. Give it a try!

  3. Lastly, return calls or emails. Whatever the deadlines or messages you may being bombarded with, get in the habit of following up to share your status and give them an expectation of when the named task will be completed. There is no worse feeling then having to avoid people when you know they just need to hear from you. It’s better to tell them you’re not ready vs. going another day MIA.

These are 3 very achievable habit changing tips that YOU CAN make happen, your will is in your hands. Take control of it and make your everyday lifestyle better because you deserve it! These little changes create a chain reaction in most of everything that you do, it's worth it to try.

Let me know how it works out for you, I'm eager to hear!

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