C R E A T I V I T Y.

When I rewind time I remember growing up with willow tree-lined country roads, cornfields, and catching frogs in the ditches of Merrill, Michigan with my older sister...it was some of my best memories and the freedom of most of my childhood that gave me the ability to see so much more in the simple things that we have been given. Looking back, this is what where the deeper love and peace inside me came from. This is what I want to share with others.


B U S I N E S S.

It's totally a common trait in our family (Mom and Dad, don't worry you both get credit) to see something in an idea that urges us to take action. Our family took ACTION! Think it, speak it, and do it! 


Our family has built, owned, and operated: Sign Painting, Coffee Shop, Diner, Soup Salad & Sub Shop, Catering Business, Food Trucks, Custom Tiling, Auto Detailing & Rustproofing, Craft Vending, Home Health Care Agency, Network Marketing, and most frequently and hopefully not last, Small Business Website Design. 


O N  M Y  O W N.

So after winning countless coloring contests starting at the ripe age of 5, lol! That's right, Kmart, Saginaw News and more...the creative kept growing intensely within me through the years. I have always been and will continuously be fascinated with any arts whether fine art or performing, gourmet and fine foods to the history of architecture or new mind-blowing contemporary builds.


Now to fast forward, here I am, 36 years in the making. I started Blufeather Consulting in 2015 seeing the need for creative, dependable, and affordable website design and social media management I continued to learn every day and got started.


In August of 2018, it was time to reinvent my passions and focus on what meant the most to me, websites. I made the decision to remove social media services and other miscellaneous print projects that were fun yet time-consuming and now would like to present to you Blufeather Designs. 


C U S T O M E R   S E R V I C E.

With every experience good or bad, you gain something new. Whether it's how not to ever work in retail again because you loath tangled mounds of back to school t-shirts and denim stacks or how checking in on a home care patient's safety, which can be the most rewarding feeling to be the voice that someone needed to hear. I can't forget the dreaded waitress serving frequent nightmares of forgetting to deliver a ramekin of ketchup to the parents who asked for it 20 minutes ago...


With so much learned and in a variety of industries, the biggest takeaway is CUSTOMER SERVICE. Yes, a dying industry yet it's everywhere! Without going into an hour-long conversation let's just say I am looking to create a change in my business and it starts with the experience. I'm here for you with my creativity, my business and industry knowledge, and most importantly a great experience with service.


Communication and collaboration are key for us to create a winning website that best represents you and what you provide to your customers. Let's enjoy this business journey together! Ready to talk more? Get ahold of me and we can talk about your goals.



Blufeather Designs strives to guide small business owners and their most relatable strengths and qualifications to paint a transparent, creative, and functional digital presence.


This is relayed to their prospective customers while also empowering these small businesses to gain a better understanding of who their audience is and how to solve their problems.