C U S T O M E R   S E R V I C E.

With so much learned and in a variety of industries, the biggest takeaway is CUSTOMER SERVICE. Yes, a dying industry yet it's everywhere!


Without going into an hour-long conversation let's just say I am looking to create a change in my business and it starts with the experience. I'm here for you with my creativity, my business and industry knowledge, and most importantly a great experience with service.


Communication and collaboration are key for us to create a winning website that best represents you and what you provide to your customers. Let's enjoy this business journey together! Ready to talk more? Get ahold of me and we can talk about your goals.



Blufeather Designs strives to guide small business owners and their most relatable strengths and qualifications to paint a transparent, creative, and functional digital presence.


This is relayed to their prospective customers while also empowering these small businesses to gain a better understanding of who their audience is and how to solve their problems.