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2 New Ways To Make Time For Time

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

When I wake up every morning I'm reminding myself of what has to be done to get through my day without feeling frustrated or incomplete from the endless lists of "TO DOs".

If this sounds familiar you may benefit from a couple simple time-savers that I use to help me to not solely rely on my memory for everything...if I didn't do this my brain would be a train-wreck.

It's my belief that we need to be conscious of our abilities and not expect so much from ourselves but on the flip-side, don't be so easy on yourself that you don't accomplish anything throughout your day.

A little assistance can go a long way. Check out what I've been doing and give it a try to see if it gives you some brain relief and helps to shape a better habit for your time management.

1. Use your cell phone as a digital planner and alert system

By utilizing the Calendar App on your mobile phone, you can enter a schedule for single events, monthly reminders, weekly reminders and daily reminders. I use the Google Calendar so that it can be accessed from any of my devices.

Examples I use this for includes:

  • Picking up my kids from school, I set an alert 20 minutes before I need to be there. It gives me enough time to finish up whatever I have going on and to get there in time without constantly checking my watch.

  • Paying monthly bills or appointments. There are several options for when you want to have this event repeated.

  • Setting alerts for client follow-up.

  • Pet medication administration.

  • Getting the kids ready for bed.

CUSTOM FEATURES INCLUDE: + Title + Location + Start & End Times + Repeat + Travel Time + Custom Calendars for Home or Work + Invitees + 2 Alerts + Notes

2. Using Google Tasks

This is an awesome app through Google that allows you to make a "TO DO" list that can be checked off when completing a task and then continue on where you left off the next day or whenever you're ready to execute like a pro.

The takeaway is that we can't be super humans but we can get better at how we manage our time and efficiency. Try these out and see if time becomes more of a friend than foe.

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