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3 Tools To Organize Your Home Office Space

If you have been feeling the winter blues and need to be more productive when working from home, I've picked out 3 tools that I personally rely on in business to keep my space clean and in order. I believe everything should have it's own place and it doesn't count when it's in a pile.

These won't break the bank and you may be already utilizing some or all of these tools. Order is key to managing your daily tasks with less distracting piles of documents, a cluttered desktop, and scary drawers with no rhyme or reason.

To make this process as simple as possible, I've decided to save you time from scouring the web because working from home can already be distracting. You ay be able to find these items in your local office supply store but knowing the life of a business owner, sometimes it's easier to order online and have it show up at your door. Click, buy, delivered!


This space saving adjustable wooden desktop organizer has several layers, nooks, and drawers that can accommodate office supplies of large and small with a modern look and it's very versatile to work with your desktop space availability. We all have things that could fill this easily, imagine what on your desk needs to be in here.

QUICK! Pick up your clutter and put it in place! Check out this product.



Don't make it harder on yourself with trying to keep track of all of your to-do's for the next month! Utilize your wall space, we all have a wall or so that can be used with a nice sized magnetic dry erase board.

Why I suggest magnetic is because it serves two uses by writing notes that can be erased as needed as well as pinning up important forget me nots without needing to keep pesky thumbtacks or cork boards around.

Multi-purpose tools are 100% worth the buy, you WILL utilize them! My dry erase boards help with planning and notating countless uses. You won't regret this so check out the size options, I prefer this 36" x 24" magnetic dry erase board due to the large space to work with.



This is a life saver! If you don't already have a filing cabinet, this is a MUST HAVE in every home office! If you have a mostly digital business you may not need a lot of space but you will still always need to keep your important papers where they can be found without stressing out.