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3 Money Saving Tips Your Business Needs To Make A Habit Today.

Money doesn't grow on trees and if you like having more of it to play with, then these are 3 Money Saving Tips Your Business Needs To Make A Habit Today!

Keep in mind, DO NOT make changes that will disrupt your businesses performance, quality of products, and mission. DO make changes that can save you money and time by knowing your best options and investing just a little time to make this change for the better.

Habits to get into that can brighten your budget:

  1. SUPPLIES - Order in bulk & reuse scraps of paper for scratch notes. Keep a stock of supplies instead of last minute purchases at the closest store for much higher prices. Search for local suppliers or look for competitive online bulk rates. Make sure to do the math of what you pay per item, it can save you hundreds or even thousands per year when taking the time to do a little research and some basic math. Make a list and compare the best rates and shipping costs if any.

  2. SERVICE PROVIDERS - ie. Printer repair, computer repair, IT specialist, printing services, marketing, website development, media and digital media costs, and any other vendors. Look around and check reviews and professionalism along with best pricing available. There may be higher rates but more benefits to your business too!

  3. UTILITIES - When it comes to your electricity, gas, internet connections, telephones, and water, there may be some other options out there that can save you money as a new member, or even just flat rates that save dollars in the long run. Your current provider could have a special promotion that can keep costs down as well so make sure to ask first!

IF, you decide to take action today, you will be happy with yourself for being more educated in your options and getting the loose ends of your business structured. Go ahead, get started!

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