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Who's Your Captain?

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

There are many ships at sea equipped with a sail and an anchor but it's the Captain that differs from one another. Even though a big ship is sailing and looks beautiful with its high-end paint job and fancy accessories, it doesn't mean that it's functioning well on deck.

This has been my eye-opening experience over the last year while starting my own business. You have to learn how to walk before you can learn how to sail...after all, you need good sea legs right?

We take what we learn about people, relationships, roles, and responsibilities and develop into more knowledgeable people with the ability to absorb and reiterate those experiences when the time comes. Thus making us stronger, faster, and better listeners to reproduce it all again. But wait...this is not true, not everyone does this at their most beneficial capability, they lack pieces to their own puzzle. Some take things for granted, they run full steam ahead without understanding the main focus...the person or purpose to which they take action for.

I have spent every year that I have worked in my life, learning the ways of that specific industry. There was no job too small or too big, each moment was a pixel to my picture. After my first year being in business for myself, I have encountered a whirlwind of emotions, questions, relationships, new skills, and goals that are not in my database, but it has been wonderful and new and I welcome every single piece of it. Now, my experiences from my past have fueled and lifted this drive to understand how to tackle new avenues, study, and grow.

When in business you learn about your competition very quickly. Without looking and without asking, you will find remnants of poor business all around you. Ill experiences and unfavorable relationships that create a caution to your new client because of this.

The product is what you sell, but what is it that REALLY comes with your product?

  • Price- Does your client pay at the highest end of the spectrum in your field?

  • Quality- Are your clients happy with your products wear and workmanship? Do you go above and beyond to fix any mistakes?

  • Service- Can you feel confident in a fully completed transaction every time that met the client needs and wants? Do you provide a service you cannot truly fill?

  • Relationships- Do you exist as a REAL true authentic person? Or is every conversation dry and void of listening, understanding, and lacking empathy?

  • Knowledge- Do you outsource your services so you can add them to your growing list of professional repertoire or can you provide and manage every service your business provides on your own?

  • Professionalism- Are you thorough, reliable, dedicated, and willing to keep you and your business viewed as a professional?

With this new understanding of how ships stay afloat like those strong and bright buoys that never go under vs. how a ship of any size regardless of its manpower, are slowly sinking within, I can proudly say that I am comfortable with being the Captain of my own ship. One day I will need a crew but as for now I love being a small business, growing slowly and strategically learning along the way and making great relationships that last because they are real, they are strong and they are happy clients that have been my sail and my anchor allowing me to continue my voyage into this new year and new beginning.

Thank you for reading,

Heather Arcay

Owner | Designer

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