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A True Balance Act

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

There are those days...I know you have them too. Where you juggle life and business and question yourself. "Am I doing good enough?", "Have I gave 100% today?", or "What more can I add to my agenda to be better?".

I have found that I constantly ask myself these questions trying to compare my effort to others  who have achieved my ideal milestones ahead of me. This is forever a common internal conversation we have with ourselves and some even struggle with it. You know you have them too...

Internal thoughts: 

"Strive to be the best in everything",

"Be better than the other guy”,

"Learn more skillsets",

"Reach out more”,

"Try harder and more often", and the lists go on.

We each have a variety of unique goals, but we also share many more than we think tend about. So, when I realize that, "Yes, this is so common that others struggle to achieve a higher status, bigger skill set, and clinging to be on the top.” Sit and think about your current strengths and focus on those while building slowly new skills at a comfortable but growing rate. Be proud of your growth and personal achievements. When you do, your business will see a change and so will those around you.

At that point is when I can clearly remove the pressure of competition. This is normal for us right? Thinking I have to: TRY HARDER, WORK MORE, BE AS GOOD AS THE OTHER GUY. I work hard juggling my life as a Mother, Wife, and Business Owner and we all have a story that is unique and we all want to be successful in every role. 


I want you to take a moment and close your eyes, lay your head back, and relax, reflect on your goals in every role you take on, breathe, and focus. Focus on your current efforts and goals and find your personal scoreboard. Where can you improve without expecting more than you can rationally and comfortably improve without over pulling from your family time or relationship? There's room for you, trust me. Be conscious and be strategic. Set small attainable goals, line them up, and knock them out with confidence and positive reflection and understanding that any mistakes made along the way are there to help you grow. 

This process helped me to forget who the competition in my industry are and how I can provide the absolute best service for the my clients NOW. Growth comes with time and an understanding of diversity, there is no need to chase only exists because you allowed it to exist. 

When you find peace in your meaning, your roles, your growth and near or far future goals, you will find happiness and balance. Try it and let go of the small things, you have a better day waiting ahead of you. 

Heather Arcay

Owner | Designer

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