Conscious decisions when your world is changing

I've taken an unplanned break from being as fully invested into myself and my business as I should be. The more I learn about people, including myself, the more that I would say it is normal to experience these changes.

We engage in something that excites us for a period of time that could be long or simply short-lived. It begins with a passionate exciting drive...and then life happens...

A full-halt sneaks up on your original "I'm kicking butt" mentality! It could be as simple as catching a cold and falling behind while under the weather to a much more monumental life-changing event like the death of a loved-one or this crazy global pandemic.

Regardless of what the event may be, it creates a snowball effect of being unable to focus, lack of motivation, excluding yourself from relationships, poor health choices, and anxiety and/or depression.

I'm an over-thinker. I see my faults and either try to bury them or face them it just depends on which way the winds blow that day. When enough is enough we have to make at least one positive change.

This one specific positive change calls for the conscious decisions that require you to take action and discipline yourself. When I do this for myself everything around me tends to change. Suddenly, I'm awake again.

Unfortunately, this behavior occurs in waves, however, I'd rather experience a frequently woken state of mind than stay cooped up inside a gloomy "non-reflective thinking and self-pity" box that allows no-one to enter.

Here I am going through some of the absolutely most challenging times in my life and they will not go away. We are able to change how we react. It's a choice to the obstacles we cannot change. What I've decided is how my stress, depression, and anxiety can be controlled by me and the so to speak tools I use to cope and manage.

These are some of the main focus points for me on the daily.

1. Eat clean and nourish with the best NUTRIENTS available.

We have made food an unconscious act of eating. Our bodies require nutrients to perform optimally and maintain a shelter for us to live in. We get oil changes for our cars, furnace filters for our air quality, paint our homes to make it look cleaner, water our lawn and plants, wash our cars to remove the dirt, get braces to show our smiles, teeth cleaning every 6 months to remove plaque build-up, take medications our doctors tell us to, swallow vitamins daily, get vaccines to avoid disease and the list goes on.

Why don't we feed ourselves the respect our bodies deserve? Our Food and Drug industry has failed us. We can't fail ourselves though when we have the choice in what we buy.

This is my favorite part because I have always battled food and weight but when you shift your thinking to the temple you need to preserve(your body) for longevity, mental wellness, and to avoid injury and disease you suddenly realize how much easier it is to care for and live by.

I've decided to eat cleaner. What does that mean? Reduce or completely eliminate your intake of food and drinks that are highly processed refined carbohydrates, added sugars, preservative lab-created chemicals, flavor-enhancing chemicals, lab created dyes, hormones, pesticide-treated, and genetically modified organisms. WOW...How is this all even legal? We regulate the emissions in gasoline and vehicles but our actual vehicle is being poisoned with very few regulations in place.

I've put together a Clean Eating quick guide for anyone who is interested. I'm not a medical professional and this is purely information I've gathered from the internet so you make your own decisions on what to consume. Use good judgment, I'm in no way telling you what to do.

2. Be ACTIVE and DRINK WATER as much as possible.

Get some kind of activity daily to keep your circulatory, musculoskeletal and digestive systems operating on routine. It's no surprise that we need to stimulate with activity. Burn energy and create new energy with all of the great nutrients you're feeding your system. Use it or lose it.

Drink plenty of water, it keeps your entire body and especially the digestive track hydrated to create the proper metabolism of the nutrients. It keeps your brain function optimal, regulates body temperature, helps excrete waste, increases endurance, great for skin integrity, and improves circulation.

Activity, proper hydration, and clean eating will promote a very happy body that will sleep better as well. Sleep is obviously our method of recharging. You don't use your smartphone or laptop for a full day on end without recharging why would you put your body through another day without properly recharging. It will just keep burning out faster.


You have to challenge your mind so that it can organize thoughts, store memories, create new brain cells, and recall information. Mental activity increases blood flow to the brain!!! WHAT? Yeah, it's important to make your brain exercise too. Why don't we have mental gyms popping up everywhere? Oh wait, would that just be an arcade? HA!

With that said, you also need to remove negative stimulation that stresses you out. People in our lives have the ability to take our energy that is needed to be healthy. Removing the "negative stimuli/persons" if you will, will help you to focus, reduce stress and anxiety and create a space for positive stimuli activities needed to keep you in control of your conscious decision making in everything else.

Some other examples of healthy brain stimulation could include

  • Physical sports and activities like frisbee, golf, bowling, fishing, etc.

  • Painting, drawing, or other crafts

  • Playing an instrument and listening to music

  • Puzzles and strategy games

  • Creative cooking with new items and following recipes

  • Math and word problems

  • Take online courses

  • Add challenging puzzle games to your phone for lunch breaks at work

  • Social networking

Overall, I wanted to share with you how you can improve consciousness of yourself since you are your primary defender. No one will care better care of you than yourself. These small changes create a huge return on mental and physical health and when you have these two things figured out, everything else you encounter can and will be handled in a better logical method. Make the choices you have control over starting today!


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